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So.. this is our first post! Where to begin?

Let us introduce ourselves. We're a brand new UK based social enterprise. Our mission is to raise awareness of the need for active inclusivity within the wellness industry, provide resources for professionals, and create safer spaces within wellness for people from marginalised groups.

Did you know the global wellness industry is worth over $4 TRILLION? We believe that the increasing capitalisation and individual profiteering off the back of wellness practices is, as usual, benefitting certain groups of people more than others. More and more, wellness seems to be becoming associated with leisure and luxury, average service prices are skyrocketing, and don't even get us started on corporate wellness. We want to change things and keep wellness accessible to everyone.

We're currently collecting stories from wellness participants and professionals, to prove that this is a change that needs to happen. Have you had any particularly positive or negative experiences within the wellness industry? Have you ever felt excluded or unwelcome in wellness spaces due to your identity? Or have you felt particularly safe and catered to in certain environments? What changes would you like to see happen?

Collecting real-life stories and experiences gives us the kind of insights and evidence we need to grow our network into something bigger and better, such as applying for grants and funding, creating resources and providing services directly to communities. We'd love to add your voice to our campaign.

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