Active Inclusivity

Active Inclusivity is the standard we are setting for the wellness world. For too long has it been possible for the problems in our industry not to be held accountable. It will always be more comfortable for businesses not to challenge the norms. We are here to highlight the inequalities, biases and oppression present, and to work on eliminating them to create safer spaces for everyone in wellness.

Why 'Active'? 

We define Active Inclusivity as when a professional person or business is continuously taking tangible action to enable every person, particularly the most disadvantaged, to fully participate in their services. 

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LGBTQIA+ Friendly
(Trans* Inclusive)

We believe it is particularly  
important for professionals to know how to work with trans* bodies, and to create a welcoming space for people of all genders and sexualities. Wellness practices such as personal training or massage 
often require a level of intimacy that requires trust, respect and communication. 

Economically Accessible

In recent years, the wellness industry has become synonymous with leisure and luxury. Many wellness services are unaffordable for many people, such as the cost of 1-2-1 treatments and gym memberships. We believe in finding ways to make wellness as accessible as possible.

Disability Aware

Wellness can be an overwhelming prospect if you are disabled* or neurodivergent*. We are campaigning for accessibility, understanding and sensitivity to be industry standard.

Trauma Informed

 Safety, boundaries and consent practices are also necessary to consider in wellness as any form of bodywork can be triggering for many people. We want to create spaces where participants can feel autonomous and listened to.

Body & Fat Positive

We believe in wellness (and health) at any size. We are challenging the stigma and rhetoric of 'weight-loss' wellness, and the inequalities in 

representation in the wellness industry for people of size.

Cross-Culturally Responsive

There is an unacceptable amount of racism, whitewashing, and cultural appropriation in the wellness industry. We believe it is possible for everybody to enjoy the wellness activities they love, in a way that is respectful and aware of the origins of their practices.

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