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Inclusive Wellness C.I.C is a social enterprise founded in Bristol in July 2020. We're still finding our feet in "unprecedented circumstances", but we've got big plans, so watch this space! 
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We are working to raise awareness of the current issues within the wellness industry including but not limited to, cultural appropriation and whitewashing, body-shaming, accessibility, social normatively and practices of consent. 

We aim to provide support, access to resources and training for wellness professionals within our network who are either from marginalised groups, or actively engaged in making their work inclusive.

We aspire to create an online hub from which individuals can easily locate actively inclusive wellness professionals in their area.


We want to see active inclusivity become industry standard in the world of wellness, so that every body feels safe and welcome to visit their local gym, yoga studio, sports centre, osteopath, massage therapist and more, and know that their individuality will be accepted, their identities embraced and their boundaries respected.

Our long-term goal is to be able to open our own wellness focussed community centre in Bristol, to provide access to free or low cost wellness services for marginalised people in their local areas, and run our own training sessions for professionals.


By the Community, for the Community.

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Responsive and Willing to Learn


Inclusive Wellness C.I.C

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